What To Expect At Your In-home Newborn Session

Your baby is almost due, and you're about to schedule a newborn photography session. Where should you do it? What should you expect? How should you prepare?

I absolutely love in-home shoots. Not the kind where a photographer brings an entire studio set-up and you get pictures that look just like everyone else's, but the kind where we use the light and furniture in your home to make your pictures absolutely uniquely yours. These pictures can be so original and personalized, and I find that my clients really value that.

A few benefits to an in-home shoot:

  • You don't need to take your newborn out of his warm, comfortable, familiar home. Not only is this a great option during flu season, but it helps everyone look and feel more relaxed and authentic in the photos. Your pictures will be of your family, in your home, doing what you naturally do.
  • If your baby needs a diaper change or a feeding in the middle of the shoot, it's so much more comfortable to take care of it in the comfort of your own home.  Especially if you're a first-time parent!
  • I'll spend up to two hours at your home, which means that there is no need to stress whatsoever about your baby needing to eat right when I get there and thus missing out on half of your potential pictures. I'm patient and I really don't mind waiting. We'll still have more than enough time!

Here's how it works:

Before your baby is born, call me with your due date and we'll discuss a tentative day and time for your shoot. As a mom of two, I know that due dates don't necessarily mean anything, so don't panic about having to reschedule! We just want to get in the ballpark.  Once your baby is born, call me as soon as possible and we'll finalize your session on my schedule. It needs to be within the first seven days of life in order for your baby to be extra sleepy, snuggly, and cooperative.

On the day of the shoot, do not stress. Your baby is so in tune with you and his emotions will reflect yours. If you're calm, your baby will be calm and your session will go great. Plus, there is nothing to stress about anyway!

When it is almost picture time, put your baby in her picture clothes, and THEN feed her. She will fall asleep eating, and be full, dressed, and ready for me.  I'll arrive at your home with all of my gear and we'll get right to work, creating beautiful, personalized newborn photos that you will love forever.



What if my home doesn't have a lot of natural light?

That's okay! I'm sure you have a few windows, and we can make a lot happen with those! I have even been known to do newborn shoots at night, which is made possible by the off-camera flash that I will bring with me. The following picture was taken with hardly any ambient light:

What if my home doesn't look like it came straight from Pinterest?

When your baby grows up and she is wondering what it looked like when her mother rocked her in her arms, she won't care if her nursery was Pinterest-worthy. She will want to know what the two of you looked like together, in the place where you spent countless hours snuggled close to create an unmatched bond that will last forever.  Also, I'm pretty good at making sure we only get what we want to be photographed into the shot!  So if there's something you don't want to be immortalized in pictures, it doesn't have to be. You can't tell anything about this baby's house, other than that it had a tile floor somewhere:

What if I don't have any baskets, blankets, or props to use for pictures?

Don't worry - I bring them with me! Although, every session I've done has incorporated at least one prop from the baby's home. Sometimes the mom didn't even think about using it until I got there and suggested it. So you never know! Even something as simple as your baby's crib and a special stuffed animal can make for a very original photo: