Baby R Turns 1!

It is so fun to have been in business long enough that I get newborns who are starting to come back to me for their first birthday pictures and cake smash!  Baby R was so funny - she definitely did not like cake! She didn't want to touch it with her hands, and she also kept her foot high off the ground to keep it clean. We finally tricked her into at least looking like she was eating her cake by hiding Puffs inside it.  Then we decided we had enough cute shots and I set my camera down and her mom started to get out the baby wipes. She must be the kind of baby who likes to do things on her own terms, and not just because someone else suggests it, because she immediately crawled back over to the cake and actually started eating it - only if she could use a fork, of course! So the camera came back out and we got a few more great pictures before we finished it off with a bath in the kitchen sink. I just can't get enough of this doll! :)