Free Birth Affirmation Printables

Hey, everyone!  I hope you're having a fun holiday weekend with your families.  I've been all ready for Christmas for quite a while, and was anticipating spending every day of this break having fun adventures with my kids.  Well, the reality is that this break has been filled with a whole lot of sibling quarrels, messy kitchens, Netflix for the kids and naps for Mommy (thank you, pregnancy!).

Yesterday I was really feeling the need to be creative, so I paid the kids each a dollar to leave me alone for a while.  (If you're not a mom, you may be judging me right now.  But if you are a mom, you've either done the same thing or are going to implement the brilliant idea ASAP!) :)  I went in my office and drummed up these cute little birth affirmation printables to use during my labor and delivery, and then had them printed at Costco.  While I am genuinely looking forward to my natural home birth with great anticipation, I do know that there will be times of discomfort.  I thought these cards would be fun to have hanging around the room for me and my husband and my midwife to read to help me get through those tough moments. 

I know I have a lot of clients who are also expecting new little bundles of joy in 2018. You are able to save the images off of this blog post so feel free to print and use whichever ones resonate with you! (They are scaled to fit a 4x6 print perfectly.)

Happy laboring! :)