Dropping the Blog Ball! :)

I used to try to blog almost every session I shot, but I didn't realize it had been almost two months since I'd gotten around to it!  We just spent a week in zip lining, whale watching, bike riding, and hula dancing (JUST KIDDING! My hips are physically incapable of moving like that!) in Maui.  I'd never been to Hawaii before and it was beautiful, but I was SO excited to get back to my babies. Don't judge me, but I'm over seven years into this motherhood journey and I'd never gone a day without seeing them. Not even one!  Anyway, now I'm at least six sessions behind on blogging your babies. Oh well. If you follow my social media accounts you know that I'm still alive and shooting/posting, but here's a few of my favorite pictures from yesterday's in-home shoot anyway.