How To Fix Baby Acne and Dry Skin in Adobe Lightroom 5

I had the cutest little girl in studio yesterday.  She was about a month old, so you can guess what that meant! Baby acne! :)  This is another reason I recommend having your newborn pictures taken within the first week.  But if that isn't possible, don't worry!  Today I will show you the Lightroom tool I use to easily remove acne and dry skin flakes.

As you can see on the picture to the left, she has a number of blemishes and quite a bit of dry skin flakes between her eyebrows.  If you have Adobe Lightroom and two minutes, you can fix this very easily.

Below your histogram in the top left corner, click the Spot Removal tool that looks like a circle with an arrow pointing out to the right. I like to use "heal" instead of "clone" so the corrections just blend right in and are not noticable.  I size my circle to be as small as possible while still covering the entire blemish.

Zoom right in on that cute little face and start clicking each flake of skin and blemish. Keep an eye on which section of her face the spot removal tool is taking replacement skin from.  Usually it does a pretty good job, but sometimes it will take a section of hair or shadowed skin and make the correction not look right. If that happens, drag the circle that shows where your replacement skin is being taken from to a section of a skin that matches closely in color.

Click "Done" in the bottom right corner when you're finished.  Afterwards, I clicked the built-in Soften Skin tool and brushed over her forehead and cheeks a little bit to smooth her skin a little more.  Here is where you find that tool in Lightroom 5:

Click the Adjustment Brush icon to the far right of the Spot Removal Tool.  To the right of "effect", click the drop-down and look towards the bottom until you see the Soften Skin tool.  If for some reason you don't have it, just drag the sliders of your adjustment brush to reduce the clarity and increase the sharpness to your liking.  And here is the finished photo with soft and smooth skin:

Since she is so cute, I'll share a few more :)