Salt Lake City

The M Family in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Now that I've been in business for a little while, I'm starting to see more and more returning clients! It's fun to see the kids grow and be part of their pictures every so often. I also love it when kids bring favorite toys or stuffed animals. It will be fun to look back on these and remember what they were always carrying around!

The M Family in Salt Lake City

A short and sweet session in Emigration Canyon:

A Utah Family

I love that this family chose a location that means something to them - and outfits to match! Go Utes! :)

Albion Basin Engagement Session

We headed up to the beautiful Albion Basin by Alta, Utah for this engagement session, hoping that somehow all this crazy wildfire smoke wouldn't be up there messing up the views! But, it was. Luckily we found a pretty area in the pines where the smoke wasn't visible and got some really fun shots that showcase this couple's hobbies as well as their love!

Two Cellists In Love

Last night I got to shoot one of the most unique sessions! This fun couple wanted to bring their cellos and incorporate them somehow in their engagement pictures. Even after we finished with the cello pictures, it stayed fun with the non stop love and laughing. Their happiness is contagious!