Congratulations on your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of the newest member of your family!  This is such an exciting time and I'm so honored to be able to give you once-in-a-lifetime images of this perfect new life.  You may be wondering about when to schedule, how to prepare, and what to expect at your newborn session.  Here I will explain everything you need to know!


Before Birth:

Contact me with your due date, the type of session you would like to book, and the gender of your baby (if you know it yet).  I will mark your due date on my calendar and tentatively schedule you for the following Saturday, if it is an in-home shoot.  Studio shoots can sometimes be done on weekday mornings.


At Birth:

We all know that babies aren't always predictable, which is why I'm flexible about rescheduling as needed to make sure that your session will happen sometime between the time you arrive home from the hospital and the first ten days of life.  Please stay in contact with me and let me know as soon as you deliver so we can finalize your session time.  We want your baby to be as tiny, sleepy, and curly as possible in order for the session to run quickly and smoothly. After about ten days, newborns start getting stronger, more alert, and less cooperative. :)


At Your In-Home Session:

First and foremost, don't stress! Your newborn is so in tune with you that if you're stressed, she'll be fussy. Ignore the dirty dishes and your toddler's toys on the floor.  None of it will show. :)  I will arrive a few minutes before our scheduled time so I can start bringing in my equipment and props. Set your thermostat to about 83 degrees so your baby will not be too cold.  Undress her down to her diaper, wrap her in a blanket, and hopefully she will be hungry at this time and can be eating while I set up. Then she will have a full belly and be asleep and we can jump right in.  If she isn't hungry right then, don't worry! We almost always need to take a milk break (at least once!) part way through to calm any fussiness or help her go back to sleep.

The type of images we capture are up to you.  We can find a place in your home to do some studio-type shots with the props that I bring, including hats, wraps, furs, blankets, baskets, headbands, and floordrops that look like hardwood.  We can also shoot some images that include parents and siblings, or that showcase your baby in his nursery with his own sentimental props.

Usually it makes sense to do sibling pictures first, so another adult can take them somewhere else afterwards and you and I can concentrate on the baby the rest of the time.


At Your Studio Session:

It will be warm, so dress yourself in layers to stay comfortable. I keep a space heater in my studio area to make sure that your baby won't be too cold while dressed in only a diaper.  I recommend feeding him immediately after arriving here, so we will have a sleepy, full, and cooperative baby to pose.  After his feeding I will wrap him and begin the session.  You may choose from a variety of wraps, baskets, furs, hats, headbands, and blankets to be used during your session.  Please arrange child care for older siblings while you attend your studio session.  If you would like a family picture that includes older children, that will be the first picture I take so the children may then leave with another adult, as my studio cannot accommodate them for the remainder of the session.


After Your Session:

After the shoot, I will collect payment and leave you with login instructions for how to download your images once I finish editing them.  Usually they are ready in a day or two, and I will let you know as soon as you can log in!  You may order professional-quality prints straight from your gallery and have them shipped right to your door.

Feel free to share your images on social media and be sure to tag Mobie Photo. :)