Let me tell you a little about why I love in-home newborn photography so much. So many of our memories involve our homes - there are objects and context that can't be captured in a studio.  Our stories are complex and they are not separate from our surroundings.

I love that a mother can have beautiful pictures with her precious newborn in her own rocking chair, in the baby's own nursery. Professional photos of your brand new bundle of joy, asleep in her crib with her first teddy bear that will someday move away to college with her, are priceless. These sweet photos are to be treasured long after your baby outgrows his crib and he no longer fits on your lap to be rocked to sleep.

A few benefits to an in-home shoot:

  • You don't need to take your newborn out of his warm, comfortable, familiar home. Not only is this a great option during flu season, but it helps everyone look and feel more relaxed and authentic in the photos. Your pictures will be of your family, in your home, doing what you naturally do.
  • If your baby needs a diaper change or a feeding in the middle of the shoot, it's so much more comfortable to take care of it in the comfort of your own home.  Especially if you're a first-time parent!
  • I'll spend up to two hours at your home, which means that there is no need to stress whatsoever about your baby needing to eat right when I get there and thus missing out on half of your potential pictures. I'm patient and I really don't mind waiting. We'll still have more than enough time!

I've posted more about what to expect and how to prepare here.